Thursday, 20 August 2009

Selling art online - meeting a mass market

While selling one or two pieces of art it does not matter much the sort of website you have or the way its presented. But if you want to make it into the big league selling in larger quantities you need to get in line with corporate theory.

A logo or image is key to identity, people often don’t read the logo/name but there subconscious with take in the shape and form of a logo/image. You can use a favicon or a logo but make sure they represent you and your website in the way you want.

Exposure is key to selling like the big boys, while I don’t want to go into grate detail about how to get exposure here as it’s a big subject and will require another post dedicated to it. But while you get exposure make sure it is correct for you, make sure it is on topic and not spammy. Remember to explore all angles online and off.

This is so important, if you start changing something about your website and when people drop by they don’t recognise you then they might not stay. Why do you think that big companies are so ridged about the way their logo is used! Constancy.

There is no point have all the other element if the appearance is that of some messy half backed blog/artsite, your customers will expect a minimum quality in the way your website looks.

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